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About Us

Hallazgos Research Group is a virtual legal team with over 30 years of combined professional experience. We offer legal and administrative support for real estate investors and small businesses.

Think your business is too small for a legal department? Think again. Hallazgos offers on-demand legal services to help your business succeed.

Rochelle Baron

Rochelle Baron | Legal Assistant

Rochelle has over 25 years experience as a paralegal and legal assistant. She specializes in commercial and residential real estate title and transactions — including property title research and analysis, document preparation, closing and settlement preparation, and disbursement.

Rochelle has also worked with small business owners to structure and maintain their business entities, draft corporate documents, and form entities throughout the US.

Check out her Upwork profile and connect with her on LinkedIn.

David Porter

David Porter | Project Manager

David has over 10 years of Digital Marketing and Project Management experience with a focus on developing creative solutions for growing businesses. His skills include email marketing, project development, blogging, and virtual team management. You can see a portfolio of his work here.

In the legal field, his experience includes probate research and drafting of real estate and corporate documents.