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Hallazgos Research Group

Legal services and administrative support for real estate investors and small businesses.

Real Estate

We provide a full range of support for acquisitions companies and investors in commercial and residential real estate transactions including title and survey review, title abstracting and curative, closing and disbursement preparation, and post-closing support.


We help with essential probate research and all tasks necessary to properly probate an estate.


Our services include entity formation and maintenance, corporate document drafting, and general corporate support for small businesses.

Administrative Support

Our executive level communication and collaboration skills help your small business thrive. We’re experts in cloud based, location independent team solutions.

Struggling with the challenges of a location independent small business?

We have years of virtual work experience using the latest cloud based solutions – including Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Asana, and more.

Need title or transactional support for real estate transactions?

Title research and real estate are our bread and butter. From property research to title curatives for residential and commercial closings, our experience and expertise are unmatched.

We are skilled and efficient with online research of recorded land records across the country and real estate software including SoftPro, Landtech, and Closer’s Choice.

Rochelle Baron

What Our Clients Say

“During Rochelle’s time in working as an outside Paralegal and Real Estate Manager with Lodestar Energy, she has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to the success of our business. Her efforts produced high-quality results time and time again.”

“Rochelle consistently demonstrates strategic thinking and applies critical thought to difficult business situations. Considering the nature of her role with our firm, my expectations for her work product were tempered, yet consistently exceeded. Highly recommended.”

Adam Beal, VP Development, Lodestar Energy

“It’s been my pleasure to work with Rochelle since 2010. Her professionalism and dedication make her both a wonderful person and an inspirational business associate.

“Her paralegal, real estate research, title investigation, corporate books, payroll, and executive assistant skills are unmatched. My business has been benefitted by her excellent communication skills, top notch writing abilities, and passionate, energetic approach to business.

“Rochelle is truly one of the best individuals I have found in the business world – organized, ethical, passionate, highly motivated, responsible, punctual, and patient.”

Mark Solak, CEO, RE Partners

“Rochelle is a trustworthy and professional business associate. Her legal document drafting services have benefitted my business time and time again. She’s also supported Zyla Properties by maintaining the corporate books and performing extensive real estate research.

“It’s hard to know who to hire online. You don’t always find organized, efficient, and honest professionals like Rochelle. She’s an important part of my business and I’m glad to have her on my team.”

Kasia Zyla, CEO, Zyla Properties